Abid Lashari, President Pakistan NDF urges for Flood Resilience steps in Sindh Nawabshah:

Mr. Abid Lashari, President National Disability and Development Forum (NDF) Pakistan, has issued a compelling call for immediate action to bolster flood resilience measures in the province of Sindh. With the onset of monsoon season, Mr. Lashari emphasizes the critical importance of proactive measures to safeguard vulnerable communities including persons with disabilities and transgender community from the devastating impact of floods.

The floods continue to pose a significant threat to the livelihoods and safety of communities across Sindh stated Mr. Lashari. “It is imperative that we prioritize and implement robust flood resilience strategies to mitigate risks and protect our people.”Mr. Lashari highlighted the need for comprehensive planning, early warning systems, and infrastructure development to minimize the impact of floods on homes, agriculture, and infrastructure.

He stressed the importance of community engagement and collaboration with relevant stakeholders to ensure a coordinated response. The National Disability and Development Forum stands ready to work closely with government agencies, NGOs, and local communities to strengthen our flood resilience efforts,” Mr. Lashari affirmed. “Together, we can build a more resilient Sindh that is better prepared to face the challenges of natural disasters.” Mr. Lashari added.

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