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Our Projects


The idea of this project came after post training analysis of Abilis funded project, that trained individuals have skills but no finance to sustain their livelihood. NDF has identified more new 20 individual with disabilities (NDF members), to provide a training of 03 months in tailoring & Computer courses & provide them stuff as per their skills. Out of 20 individual persons with disabilities 10 women with disabilities will be provided sewing machines with all accessories & 10 persons with disabilities will be provided computers with all accessories for establishment of small enterprise. NDF will design strategy to develop Revolving fund, to receive money back from beneficiaries against no loss no profit bases to sustain the programme & cover next group for same practice.


1. Profiling of Beneficiaries
2. To provide training on Entrepreneurship
3. To provide stuff related to I.T Shop or Tailor Shop
4. To set up shops as proposed
5. To make follow on visits of established units to ensure transparency
6. To set up revolving fund dressing.

Intervention Area

Union Council Nawabshah-III, Taluka Nawabshah District Shaheed Benazir Abad.


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