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About Us

NDF (National Disability & Development Forum) registered under Social Welfare Act 1961 on dated 30-10-2007 as Nawabshah Disability Forum & upgraded under Societies Act 1860 on dated 02-09-2014 as National Disability & Development Forum. During early days NDF focused District Nawabshah then Board of Directors decided to expand its focus at national level to work as per experience. 

NDF has implemented 15 donor funded projects worth PKR 22.4 million (USD 224,000) in the last five years while 03 projects are under implementation. NDF has mainly worked on rehabilitation, capacity building & empowerment of people with/without disabilities to bring them in mainstream workforce. Funding for these projects has been provided by Government of Sindh (CDP, SEF & BBSYDP), USAID, IUCN, Handicap International (HI), US Embassy-USEFP-PUAN, SPO-UNICEF, UNESCO, Focus Pakistan-Plan International Pakistan, Abilis Foundation Finland and LEAD Pakistan.

NDF Pakistan is engaged in different activities & projects for the uplift of the community in Sindh, Punjab & KPK. We work for humanity without borders in Pakistan. 


To promote an inclusive & accessible society in which everybody including poor, marginalized and disadvantaged communities have to entertain equal opportunities and facilities.


Empowerment of people with/without disabilities through awareness, skill development, access to health, education, livelihood & recreational services and enhancing the life standard in qualitative and quantitative terms


Empowerment of marginalized and disadvantaged groups i.e persons with disabilities, children, women, older people & minorities, strengthening efforts to build self reliance and to bring them to the mainstream of society through skills development

To promote quality education in far flung areas

To promote awareness on climate change, to reduce risks of effects of climate change through DRR approach

To promote awareness on immunization of children to reduce mortality & disability

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