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Regional Director DEPD Department Karachi visits PDSA Pakistan

Karachi: Mr. Farman Ali Tanwari Regional Director & Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Khan, Deputy Director of the Regional Directorate of Special Education & Rehabilitation Centers, under the Department of Empowerment and Persons with Disabilities (DEPD) Government of Sindh, Karachi, recently conducted a visit to PDSA Pakistan. The primary objective of the visit was to assess the […]

Sindh Persons with Disabilities Protection Authority, Karachi visits PDSA Pakistan

Karachi: Officials from the Sindh Persons with Disabilities Protection Authority (SPDPA) Department of Empowerment and Persons with Disabilities (DEPD) recently conducted a visit to the PDSA Rehabilitation Center located in Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi an initiative of Pakistan Down Syndrome Association (PDSA) under collaboration of Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPD) Government of Sindh. The […]

Hari Welfare and NDF observed World Labour Day

Nawabshah: Hari Welfare Association and National Disability and Development Forum (NDF) observed World Labour Day here in Nawabshah. Mr. Abid Lashari and Mr. Akram Khaskheli talking with rally said that 1st May is a day of labour, which emplify the unheard voices of labourers in our Society. The labour wages must be reconsidered in terms […]

Karachi: National Disability and Development Forum Pakistan

President Abid Ali Lashari held an important meeting with Provincial Education Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah on the matter of Khadija Nusrat Memon, a disabled college education employee who committed suicide, to conduct a transparent investigation on the matter. On this occasion, Syed Sardar Ali Shah, called the head of the inquiry commission, Regional Director […]

Abid lashari President NDF condemns suicide case of Disabled Employee of College Education Khadija Nusrat Memon in Matiari

Nawabshah: Mr. Abid lashari President NDF Pakistan Nawabshah has deplored the incident of a disabled employee of College Education Matiari, Khadija Nusrat Memon suicide, committed on mal-attitudes of college administration. It is a tragic and should be investigated transparently. He added that Non-disabled employees tend to have very strict attitudes towards disabled people, have misunderstanding […]

Sindh Doctors Association UK and NDF distributed wheelchairs and tricycles in Nawabshah

Nawabshah: Sindh Doctors Association UK distributed wheelchairs and tricycles to deserving disabled people through the local partner organization NDF Pakistan Nawabshah here on Monday. On this occasion, well-known social activist Mr. Abid Lashari, acknowledged the efforts of Sindhi Doctors especially Dr. Shah Bux Lashari, Dr. Fahad Memon, Dr. Shahabuddin Kalhoro and others. He further said […]

NDF Nawabshah Distributes wheelchairs among Persons with Disabilities

Nawabshah: NDF Pakistan Nawabshah distributed wheelchairs and tricycles to the deserving disabled people. On this occasion, well-known social activist Mr. Abid Lashari said that 07 wheelchairs and 01 tricycles were distributed among the disabled from the donation given by Afzal Shaikh, who resides in London. He further said that the Pakistani community living abroad, especially […]

Disabled Social Activist Mr. Abid Lashari was given welcome reception by Pakistani community in London

Intellectual disability needs attention in Sindh. Abid LashariChildren with intellectual disabilities should attend the nearest NDF rehabilitation center to be enabled to live a normal life. London: The President NDF Pakistan Mr. Abid Lashari was warmly welcomed during the reception by Pakistani comminity during his visit to London. On this occasion Mr. Abid Lashari thanked […]

Empowering Democracy: Advocates Present Charter Demands to nominated candidates of Election 2024 for Political Participation of Persons with Disabilities

MATIARI: In a bold move towards fostering inclusive democracy, a coalition of advocacy groups, community leaders, and civil society organizations is set to present a Charter of Demands for political participation to nominated candidates ahead of the upcoming Election 2024 in Pakistan. In this connection National Disability & Development Forum (NDF) organized ceremony to present […]

NDF kicks off voter education campaign for empowering first-time voters in Bandhi

Bandhi: In a vibrant voter education campaign has been launched in Bandhi, Tehsil Daur District Shaheed Benazir Abad. The initiative, spearheaded by Nawabshah Disability Forum with collaboration of FAFEN Network and Goth Seengar Foundation (GSF) aims to equip young and first-time voters with the knowledge and tools needed to exercise their democratic rights effectively. Mr. […]



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