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Previous Project

Project by Lead Pakistan APN Loss & Damage Case Studies in Tharparkar
(Period: 01st January 2015 - 31st May 2015)

NDF launched the project APN Loss & Damage Case Studies in Tharparkar. The Union Councils Hirar Taluka Chhachro & Veera Wah Taluka Nangarparkar of District Tharparkar.


  • To conduct survey in drought hit two union councils of District Tharparkar
  • To organize FGDs with Farmers, Women & Government Officials
  • To organize KIIs (Key Informant Interviews) with Government Officials, Teachers, Councilors & Journalists.


                 To conduct survey in two union council drought hit area.to prepare case study on climate change impacts in Thar especially loss & damages during drought in Thar.


The 3600 Questionnaires were filled out & outreached the community directly.

The loss & damages were mapped out from questionnaires


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