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Previous Project


Project by US Embassy in partnership of PUAN in District Shaheed Benazir Abad

(Period: 01st February 2016 – 30th April 2016)


NDF launched the project “Entrepreneurship Training of Persons with Visual & Hearing Impairment” with PUAN member Ms. Anna Iqbal Bhatti under ASG (Alumni Small Grants) supported by US EMBASSY in partnership with the Pakistan US.

Persons with Disabilities especially Hearing & visual impaired are not self sufficient to make choices of their career. The project proposed to develop their capacities of 20 persons with visual & hearing impairment to learn Sing Language, Brail & one skill to establish home based business as a support to the society as contributor.
Persons with disabilities have potential to work but they need specific training & guidance to follow. I propose 03 months Entrepreneurship training of persons with visual & Hearing Impairment, to cover up 20 persons with disabilities as beneficiaries.


  • Learning of Communication Skills i.e Sing Language & Brail.
  • Transferable Skills i.e Knitting & Tailoring
  •  Networking i.e One Day Exhibition to link up with Business Community.  


  • Basic Sign Language Learning
  • Basic Brail Learning
  • Knitting Skills
  • Tailoring
  • Exhibition with Graduation Ceremony


The 10 Girls with hearing impairment were equipped in the training of basic sign language & Dress Making (Tailoring) through regular 03 months classes. 

The 10 Persons with visual impairment were equipped in the training of Basic Brail writing, reading & calculation with Chair & Cot Knitting through regular 03 months classes.

Career counseling & Exhibition organized to link up persons with disabilities with market & business community.


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