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Previous Project


Project by USEF & US Embassy in District Khairpur, Naushehroferoze & Shaheed Benazir Abad

(Period: 01st April 201 – 30th April 2016)

NDF launched the project “Media Safety under SAFE Initiative” with PUAN member Mr. Sahib Khan Bhand under ASG (Alumni Small Grants) supported by US EMBASSY in partnership with the Pakistan US.

Media in Pakistan play a vital role for the restoration of democracy and to eradicate extremism and terrorism in the society, while media persons face various difficulties and challenges while performing their professional duties. Providing training to media persons on media safety under SAFE (Securing Access to Free Expression) initiative which is need of the hour on this junction. This proposed project aims at to provide media safety training by identifying various journalists through their media outlets /Press Clubs. This project was very helpful to media practitioners who were vulnerable to such media security threat. The sustainability of the proposed project was formation of media networks and their connection to existing regional and national bodies of human rights and other media organizations. Indus-Valley Communication Concepts (ICC) - newly launched group of communication & media professionals in Sindh Province and National Disability & Development Forum (NDF) were key partners, joined hands to this project for media practitioner training in three districts Khairpur (Gambat), Naushehroferoze (Moro) & Shaheed Benazir Abad (Nawabshah) through conducting workshops.


  • To conduct workshops with media practitioners regarding media security
  • Mock Drills by Police Instructors
  • To form Resource Centers for Media Safety to link up gross root media practitioners at national level


  • Enable media practitioners to take safety measures while  performing  duties
  •  Establishing resource centers to provide a holistic approach to journalists’ safety.
  • Risk Analysis
  • Improvement in their communication skills to avoid security threat
  • Awareness of legal measures to deal any possible security threat
  • Networking at provincial & national level

150 Journalists were trained by 03 workshop
03 Resource Centers were established at Gambat Press Club, Moro Press Club & Nawabshah Press Club


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