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Fund Raising For Mobility aids/Assistive

Pakistan is one of three remaining countries that have not stopped the transmission of polio (World Health Organization). Facing a range of challenges such as insecurity, weak health systems and poor sanitation, failure to control the spread of polio and other debilitating causes have resulted in more than 5,000,000 individuals with disabilities in Pakistan. Poverty is a major problem throughout the country--a person must earn less than $ 1.00 per day to be considered poor! Lacking resources for necessary adaptive devices, people with special needs are often confined to their homes. Poor families living in remote and rural areas of Pakistan have the largest ratio of people born with disabilities. Consequently, these families lack both funds and access for mobility aids that will promote independence for their loved one.

The National Disability & Development Forum (NDF) was established in 2002 by a group of young persons with disabilities to address the overwhelming needs faced by individuals in Pakistan who have a handicap or special need. NDF is an internationally recognized non-profit organization that advocates for the rights, safety, and dignified access to services for individuals with special needs. We are currently operating a pilot program that purchases and distributes mobility aids to individuals with disabilities that live in rural areas Nawabshah, Sindh Pakistan. It is estimated there are over 225,000 people with special needs living in isolation in this remote and rural province of Pakistan. To date, we have provided mobility aids to 238 of men, women and children with disabilities but there are still hundreds of children in the Nawabshah and surrounding areas on waiting lists for wheelchairs, tri-cycles, crutches, white canes and hearing aids. NDF’s goal is to get these people the mobility aids needed to live independent, productive lives.

NDF is seeking support from you to help us reach our goal. With US dollars, a little bit can go a long way toward helping us achieve our goal. For example, wheel chairs in Pakistan cost the equivalent of 50 US dollars. By raising $5000, NDF will provide 100 wheel chairs to disabled youths making it possible for them to go to school on their own. They will be able to lead a normal life and contribute to the development of our country because disability is not inability. Please make a donation to the National Disability & Development Forum and change someone’s live today!

Send your checks/cheques to:

 Title of A/C: National Disability & Development Forum (NDF)
A/C No : 4116888465
Bank: National Bank of Pakistan, Mohni Bazar Branch Nawabshah
IBAN: PK22NBPA0230004116888465

Community Foundation USA based in each state/city may facilitate your donations to reach us. For RENO, Nevada, USA people may contact Mr. Chris.
775-762-1932, email with request to send funds to NDF Pakistan: caskin@cfwnv.org, www.cfwnv.org,

Progress during 2012-13

S. No



Rate $



Wheel Chairs

100 50 5000



100 120 12000
03 Crutches 20 10 200
04 Walkers 20 15 300
05 White Canes 30 10 300
06 Hearing Aids 30 300 9000
Total 300 26800

Thank you for your help.

National Disability & Development Forum (NDF Pakistan)

+92-244-366107, +923003211876,




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