National Disability and Development Forum (NDF) Empowers Women in Sanghar through Climate Change and SRHR Training

Sanghar: The National Disability and Development Forum (NDF), in collaboration with Pathfinder International, successfully conducted a comprehensive training program on Climate Change and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) for women in Sanghar.

The 03 days initiative aimed to empower women by equipping them with essential knowledge and skills to address pressing issues in their communities.

The guest speakers Mr. Sabir Mahar District DRR officer, Mr. Tariq Hussain Channar Program Manager NDF, Mr. Sikandar Ali Babar Program Manager Pathfinder International, Dr. Alia, Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Soomro and others talking during closing ceremony said that the training sessions were designed to create awareness about the impact of climate change on local communities and to educate participants on sustainable practices that mitigate environmental degradation. Additionally, the program emphasized the importance of SRHR, providing attendees with vital information on reproductive health, family planning, and gender-sensitive approaches to healthcare.

They further highlighted the significance of empowering women in rural areas, stating, “Women play a crucial role in community resilience against climate change impacts. By enhancing their knowledge of environmental sustainability and reproductive health, we are fostering stronger, healthier communities.

The collaboration between NDF and Pathfinder International exemplifies a commitment to enhancing the well-being of marginalized groups through targeted education and support initiatives. Participants expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn and collaborate with peers, noting the practical relevance of the training sessions to their daily lives.

Moving forward, NDF remains dedicated to expanding its outreach efforts and partnering with stakeholders to address the intersecting challenges faced by women in rural areas. The organization invites continued support and collaboration from government agencies, civil society organizations, and donors to sustain its impactful programs. At the end the Certificates of Training were distributed among the participants.

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