NDF conducted the awareness session under project funded by Pakistan U.S Alumni Network (PUAN) in Nawabshah.

Mr. Abid Lashari U.S Alumnus organized a Capacity building session for persons with disabilities under a project funded by Pakistan U.S Alumni Network (PUAN). Mr. Abid Lashari said that persons with disabilities should be engaged meaningfully in the political sphere. Persons with disabilities have same rights as others, political engagement will bring more opportunities for persons with disabilities. Local Government Sindh has reserved 1% seats at municipal committees, Town Committees and District Councils, persons with disabilities should avail this opportunity to be engaged at local politics. During the sessions Mr. Tariq Hussain Channar and Mr. Rehmat Wassan told that there is dire need to include persons with disabilities in politics through establishing disability wings in political parties. It is good opportunity that 11 seats are reserved and waiting for persons with disabilities in the local Government of Nawabshah District Shaheed Benazir Abad. Some members mentioned that they have submitted nominations and applied for tickets to political parties. Hope soon our colleagues will be part of local level politics. All participants took keen interest during the session, it was an interactive session for persons with disabilities.

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House No. A-114, Housing socity Nawabshah,District Shaheed Benazir Abad


Empowerment of people with/without disabilities through enhancing the life standard in qualitative and quantitative terms