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Current Projects

Previous Projects

Previous Projects


Previous Projects

Click Here: Community Based Rehabilitation of children with disabilities 

Click Here: Safer Schools Project

Click Here: Empowerment of persons with disabilities through Entrepreneurship

Click Here: CLEAR Project on climate change 

Click Here: Mainstreaming Disability in Sindh

Click Here: Media Safty under SAFE initiative


Previous Projects

Click Here: Inclusive Community Assessment in Jati District Sujjawal

Click Here: APN Loss and Damage Case study

Click Here: Women Empowerment Center

Click Here: Temporary Learning
Center (TLC)

Click Here: NDF Youth Skill Development Center (BBSYDP Phase- VIII)

Click Here: Career Counseling Workshops for Disabled Youth

Previous Projects

Click Here: To Promote Learning of Basic English Language & Basic Computer knowledge to access Internet among Persons with Disablities 

Click Here: Entrepreneurship Training of Persons with visual & Hearing Impairment







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