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NDF Programme 

1. Accessibility is our right
We are currently operating a pilot program that purchases and distributes mobility aids to individuals with disabilities that live in rural areas Nawabshah, Sindh Pakistan. It is estimated there are over 225,000 people with special needs living in isolation in this remote and rural province of Pakistan. To date, we have provided mobility aids to 759 of men, women and children with disabilities but there are still hundreds of children in the Nawabshah and surrounding areas on waiting lists for wheelchairs, tri-cycles, crutches, white canes and hearing aids. NDF’s goal is to get these people the mobility aids needed to live independent, productive lives.
Following mobility aids to be provided
1. Wheel Chairs
2. Tri-Cycles
3. Tri-Motor bike
4. Walkers
5. Crutches
6. Hearing Aids
7. White Canes
8. Accessible Beds

Progress during 2012-13-14





Wheel Chairs

545 2012-13-14 Walk About Foundation-USA, NNMC Reno-USA, District Zakat Committee, CDP Government of Sindh, NBP, & local philanthropy (individuals).
Walkers & Braces 16 10 do
Tri-Cycles 115 2013-14 do
Hearing Aids 25 2013-14 do
White Canes 58 2013-14 do
Total 759 ----




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Anna Iqbal Bhatti

Asma Muneer Arain


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