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Safer School Project

Current Project

NDF Pakistan is partnering with Focus Humanitarian Assistance Pakistan& Plan International for implementation of a project named “Safer School Project” in 41 Schools of selected Union Councils of District Sanghar. The project involves capacity building of schools and it communities. The proposed project exclusively focuses on the pragmatic and geographical scale up of the school safety initiatives in 400 schools. The project will be concluded in the period of 24 months starting from Feb 15, 2014 to May 30, 2015.
The proposed intervention envisages reaching out to boys and girls enrolled in schools located in south Punjab and Sindh by means of introducing the culture of safety in the public schools. Given the continued vulnerability to disasters in the project areas, coupled with the absence of disaster risk reduction initiatives in the schools necessitates of DRR into the school rehabilitation process development planning . At the school level it is essential to work with teachers, communities and children to facilitate building resilience within and outside the schools. On the Other hand important to advocate for school safety measures at the national level in collaboration with the like-minded organizations, civil society groups and communities that is cognizant of the commitments detailed in the National Disaster Management Framework.
All girls and boys are raised and continue their education in a protective and resilient environment where the duty bearers are responsive to their Rights without any gender discrimination.

1. Baseline Assessment Hazard & Risk Assessment of Schools
2. Orientation sessions for chool Management & Parents
3. Sensitization sessions on Schools based DRR
4. Training of School Safety Committees
5. Small Scale mitigation of selected Schools
6. Training of School Management Committees (SMCs)
7. Coordination meetings with School Managements
8. Celebration of School Safety days May 16.



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