World Physiotherapy Day observed in Nawabshah

World Physiotherapy Day (September 8th) observed by NDF Pakistan. On this occasion, the Physiotherapy Unit of NDF presented an annual performance in which dozens of children were becaome able through free services on a daily basis.

The parents appreciated the beneficial effect of the physiotherapy exercises and the hard work of the NDF dedicated team and could not contain their joy as they noticed a clear difference in the recovery of the children. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Abid Lashari, President NDF, Mr. Murtaza Channar, Regional Director DEPD, Mr. Tariq Hussain Channar, Mr. Lal Chand Lohana and other speakers said that physical fitness, rehabilitation, flexibility are the specific methods and excercuses of physiotherapy to eliminate all types of pain.

Exercises are carried out through which physical disability can be prevented to some extent, disability cannot be eliminated but it can be prevented from progressing. The purpose of celebrating Physiotherapy Day is to spread knowledge about physiotherapy need and it’s benefits meanwhile the general society lacks a lot of information about it. Famous Comedian Masi Moraan also entertained the children during the event.

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