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NDF Introduction

National Disability & Development Forum (NDF) is a registered non-profit organization, approved by EAD (Economic Affairs Division), certified with PCP (Pakistan Center for Philanthropy) & Tax Exempted NPO that has been working in Sindh in the fields of Disability Rights, Health, Education, Environment/Alternative Energy, Food Security & Nutrition, Poverty Reduction, WASH, DRR/CBDRM, Democratization and Gender Mainstreaming since 2014. NDF opposes all forms of discrimination; and respects the rights and dignity of people irrespective of their ethnic, social, religious or political differences; and gives priority to meeting the needs and addressing the rights of the most disadvantaged communities and vulnerable segments of society. NDF has successfully implemented several projects in collaboration with a number of national and international partners/donors that include Government of Sindh, USAID, DAI, IUCN, Handicap International (HI), Rehabilitation International (RI-Korea), Transparency International, UNESCO, High Commission New Zealand, HRCP (Human Rights Commission of Pakistan) Focus Pakistan, Abilis Foundation Finland, LEAD Pakistan, Hashoo Foundation, Indus Consortium, Awaz Foundation, PHC Global, SPO, NOWPDP & Pakistan US. Alumni Network (PUAN) Sukkur chapter & others.

What is Disability & its kinds?

Disability is permanent condition, there is no medical treatment to end disability.
There is no proper data in Pakistan but UN says there is 15% population is some form of disabilities. 01.00 billion Persons with disabilities افراد باہم معذوری live in the World.
Following are kinds of disabilities:
1. Physical Disability جسمانی معذوری
2. Intellectual Disability ذھنی معذوری
3. Visual Impairment بصارت سے محرومی
4. Hearing Impairment سماعت سے محرومی
5. Down Syndrome ڈاون سنڈروم
6. Autism آٹزم
7. ADHD اے ڈی ایچھ ڈی
8. Dyslexia ڈزلیگزیا & others

Rehabilitation can reduce disability or stop further loss. Rehabilitation includes: Physiotherapy, Psychotherapy, Speech Therapy, Occupation Therapy & other related tools.
NDF has established NDF Rehabilitation Center مرکز برائے بحالی ذھنی معذوری in Nawabshah, to provided free rehabilitation services through life therapies with boarding & day care facilities.



NDF REHAB CENTER, NAWABSHAH All over the world, mental health is one of the biggest issues to be handled in our society. NDF has established NDF Rehab Center in Nawabshah. The Rehabilitation Center brings regular services to children with intellectual disabilities (Down Syndrome/Cerebral Palsy (CP)/Autism/Dyslexia/ADHD)& Limb Loss provision to Physical impaired children, life therapies provided as below:
1. Physiotherapy
2. Psycho-Therapy
3. Occupational Therapy
4. Speech Therapy
5. limbs provision

and independent living to 100+ Children with Intellectual Disabilities. NDF provides boarding & Day Care with free pick & drop facility.
Following are Free Services
1. Screening
2. Early Detection
3. Early Intervention
4. Life Therapies
5. Couple Counselling
6. Peer Counseling
7. Community mobilization
8. Boarding
9. Day Care
10. Transportation


NDF is voice of un-heard voices. NDF amplify voices against all kinds of violence of Human Rights.
NDF organizes advocacy campaigns on different issues
NDF organizes seminars & workshops for the capacity building of youth, women, Trans-genders, persons with disabilities on different social issues.
NDF provides free mobility Aids required to persons with Disabilities NDF provides shelter to children with Intellectual disabilities to ensure their social protection with dignity & due care.
NDF provides emergency kits (Hygiene Kits, Ration Bags & others) as required in disasters.
NDF provides counselling on different issues to address social issues.
NDF provides Career Counselling to youth with/without disabilities for seeking jobs & admisions.
NDF provides clean water to poor & marginalized community under WASH initiatives
NDF provides session on Interfaith Harmony to ensure peace in the region under Peace Building initiatives
NDF provides help women in Gender Base Violence (GBV) cases to ensure social protection & possible help to reduce GBV cases.
NDF provides training sessions on Police Reforms to ensure Community Policing under network of PFDP (Pakistan Forum on Community Policing)
NDF provides community session on Citizen budgeting & budget process to ensure participation of community in Budget preparation process at local level under CNBA (Citizens' Network for Budget Accountability) & CPDI Islamabad.
NDF provides training on Institutional Development for Disabled People Organizations (DPOs) in Sindh for their strength & Empowerment.