December 3rd International Day of Persons with Disabilities – 17 Sustainable Development GoalsAbid Lashari

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated every year on 03 December. The purpose of celebrating the day is to increase social awareness about disability and commit to achieving the development of persons with disabilities in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Disability refers to different parts of the SDGs, particularly education, development and […]

NDF Public Forum in Nawabshah demands prioritizing Green Energy in Political Parties’ Manifestos

NAWABSHAH: Grow Green Network, a group of 22 civil society organizations in Pakistan, has demanded that all the political parties work in harmony to resolve energy issues. In this regard, NDF Pakistan in collaboration of Indus Consortium conducted a Public Forum “Political Engagement for Renewable Energy Acceleration in Pakistan” on Wednesday at local Hotel, Nawabshah. […]

Deputy Commissioner Shaheed Benazirabad visits NDF Rehabilitation Centre Nawabshah

Deputy Commissioner Shaheed Benazirabad Mr. Zahid Hussain Rind visited NDF Rehabilitation Center for children with intellectual disabilities here in Nawabshah. On this occasion, Mr. Zahid Hussain Rind appreciated the efforts of NDF and said that the NDF organization has shown great service by providing rehabilitation services for the children of Nawabshah at their door step. […]

NDF organized one day screening camp to diagnose disability and disease among children with Disabilities

Nawabshah: NDF Pakistan organized one day screening camp in collaboration with child specialist Professor Dr. Ali Akbar Sial in Nawabshah. During the screening disability assessment was made and disease was diagnosed among 100 children of NDF Rehabilitation Centre Nawabshah. The expert team of doctors participated in the comprehensive examination of the children. During the camp, […]

اين ڊي ايف نوابشاه سينٽر ۾ معذور ٻارڙن جي بيمارين جي چڪاس ۽ معذوري جي تشخيص لاءِ ھڪ روزه ڪيمپ جو انعقاد

اين ڊي ايف نوابشاه سينٽر ۾ معذور ٻارڙن جي بيمارين جي چڪاس ۽ معذوري جي شناخت/تشخيص لاءِ ھڪ روزه ڪيمپ سڀاڻي سومر بتاريخ 18 سيپٽمبر تي بندوبست ڪيو ويو آھي. ڪيمپ ۾ ٻارن جي بيمارين جي ماھر ڊاڪٽر پروفيسر ڊاڪٽر علي اڪبر سيال صاحب جي سربراهي ۾ ٻيا ماھر ڊاڪٽر شرڪت ڪندا. اوھان والدين سان […]

World Physiotherapy Day observed in Nawabshah

World Physiotherapy Day (September 8th) observed by NDF Pakistan. On this occasion, the Physiotherapy Unit of NDF presented an annual performance in which dozens of children were becaome able through free services on a daily basis. The parents appreciated the beneficial effect of the physiotherapy exercises and the hard work of the NDF dedicated team […]

Political participation of disabled people in local bodies is a commendable practice. Irfan Ali Soomro

The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act is a comprehensive law that provides full protection to the rights of persons with disabilities. Anwar Ali Syal/Abid LashariNawabshah: Pakistan U.S. Alumni Network led by Mr. Abid Lashari organized Project Closing Ceremony of To Ensure Political Participation of Persons with Disabilities in Local Government is in Sindh. During […]

Law on Disability in Sindh is a comprehensive law. Abid Lashari

The Law provides full protection of the rights of persons with disabilities in all spheres of life. Tariq Hussain Channar. Nawabshah. Pakistan U.S. Alumni Network, Sukkur Chapter under Alumni Small Grants (ASG) Mr. Abid Lashari, organized a Consultative Workshop with local Government Officials on Sindh Disability ACT 2018, to ensure the political participation of persons […]



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