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To Bridge Barriers to include Persons with Disabilities in flood response Funded by: Korea SHE Foundation

Climate Change crisis has destroyed routine life at global level. Pakistan is facing serious challenge of climate change crisis since long. Floods, rains, rise in temperature brought its bad impacts in routine life of every segments including human, animals, trees, crops, fishes and others. Sindh province of Pakistan is facing heavy floods each year to disturb the routine livelihood, living, earning resources ^ others. Persons with disabilities are left behind during flood responses, there is dire need to bridge barriers to include persons with disabilities in flood response through environmental education pre disaster activities.


Capacity sharing of Persons with Disabilities in Disaster Management & engagement of stakeholders to include persons with disabilities in emergency response


1. Strengthen disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction planning.
2. Strengthen implementation of measures on providing timely and appropriate support to persons with disabilities in responding to disasters. Period: 01/05/2023 – 31/07/2023




House No. A-114, Housing socity Nawabshah,District Shaheed Benazir Abad


Empowerment of people with/without disabilities through enhancing the life standard in qualitative and quantitative terms