Law on Disability in Sindh is a comprehensive law. Abid Lashari

The Law provides full protection of the rights of persons with disabilities in all spheres of life. Tariq Hussain Channar.

Nawabshah. Pakistan U.S. Alumni Network, Sukkur Chapter under Alumni Small Grants (ASG) Mr. Abid Lashari, organized a Consultative Workshop with local Government Officials on Sindh Disability ACT 2018, to ensure the political participation of persons with disabilities in Local Government. During the workshop, Project coordinator Mr. Abid Lashari, Mr. Riaz Hussain Shar, Mr. Javed Ali Mallah, Councilor Nasir Hussain Ghori, local department officials Mr. Shabir Lashari, Mr. Shaukat Ali, Mr. Nizamuddin, social activists Mr. Tariq Hussain Channar Mr. Lal Chand Lohana, Ms. Shahnaz Lako, Ms. Shabana Naz TEO Education, Ms. Farhana Naz, Ms. Asma Munir Arain, Mr. Yaseen Khaskhali, Mr. Manthar Magsi, Mr. Dilmurad Mari, mr. Abdul Kareem Chandio, Mr. Murtaza Mughairi and others said that allocation of special seats for the disabled by the local government is a commendable act of Sindh Government. Local Government officials should deal with disabled councilors in accordance with the Sindh Disability Rights ACT 2018 The Rights of Persons with Disabilities ACT is a comprehensive law that provides complete information and guidance on the rights of persons with disabilities in every sphere of life.

Such as the provision of a disability-friendly environment, providing information about the duties and responsibilities of the councilors in the local government, clarifying the powers of the councilors with disabilities according to the share of the budget. According to the law, having a positive attitude towards the councilor with disabilities, ensuring the accessibility of the disabled, so that the disabled can practically join the decision-making process in the society and serve the people at the local level. On this occasion, it was announced to organize one window camps for the issuance of 500 disability certificates and ID cards so that maximum number of disabled people can practically participate in political participation.

Social and political acceptance of the disabled, employment and education opportunities were also mentioned during the workshop. So that the disabled can practically join the national mainstream.

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