NDF Observed International Day of Natural Disasters in Sanghar

SANGHAR: National Disability and Development Forum (NDF) with collaboration of Pathfinder International observed World Disaster Day at a local hotel in which officials of government departments, representatives of NGOs and civil society participated. In order to reduce the damage caused by natural calamities, it was emphasized on setting up a comprehensive policy and informing the public about environmental pollution, and demanded that maximum attention should be given to afforestation, including restoring the depleted forests in the country.

Addressing the ceremony of the World Day of Natural Disasters, renowned writer and professor Mr. Nawaz Kaunbhar, Focal Person of District Disaster Management Sanghar Mr. Sabir Hussain Mahar, Mr. Naveed Khayal, Mr. Noor Mangi, Mr. Azeem Ronjho, Mr. Tariq Hussain Channar Program Manager NDF, Mr. Sikandar Ali from pathfinder International, Mr. Ashraf Soomro Project Manager NDF Sanghar, Dr. Amjad and Ms. Sajda said that In 1989, the United Nations announced that the International Day of Natural Disasters would be celebrated on October 13 every year in order to inform the public about natural disasters and environmental changes.

They said that the floods of 2010, 2011 and 2022 in Sindh caused great destruction due to which the people of the entire province had to migrate. We can reduce the damage caused by natural disasters by increasing the capacity of institutions, reforming policies on environmental changes, restoring natural water flows, and using appropriate funding. They said that due to natural calamities, women, children, disabled and elderly people are more affected and they must be given timely support. They said that the city of Sanghar is affected in every flood due to the sewers, so the cleaning and repair of the out fall drainages is very important.

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