NDF Organises the Project closing Ceremony of the Construction of 10 shelters in Village Adam Khan Gupchani near to Nawabshah

NAWABSHAH: National Disability & Development Forum (NDF) is pleased to announce the successful completion of its project titled “Construction of 10 Shelters at Village Adam Khan Gupchani.” This project, aimed at providing critical housing infrastructure in a flood-hit area, was generously funded by Iltizam Relief Society, Malaysia.

The closing ceremony of this impactful initiative took place on yesterday at village Adam Khan Gupchani near to Nawabshah, where key stakeholders, community leaders, and beneficiaries gathered to celebrate the culmination of months of hard work and the dedication of iltizam Relief Society.

The project was launched in response to the urgent need for shelter facilities in Village Adam Khan Gupchani, which had been severely affected by floods 2022. Through the collaborative efforts of NDF and the generous support from Iltizam Relief Society, Malaysia, ten durable shelters have been constructed to provide safe and sustainable housing solutions for the local residents. We are immensely grateful to Iltizam Relief Society, Malaysia, for their unwavering support and commitment to improving the lives of vulnerable communities,” said Mr. Tariq Hussain Channar Program Manager of NDF.

“This project demonstrates the power of collaboration and collective action in addressing pressing social challenges. Mr. Abdullah Ghumro said that National Disability & Development Forum (NDF) is dedicated to promoting the rights and improving the quality of life for persons with disabilities in Sindh, Pakistan. Through advocacy, capacity-building, and inclusive development initiatives, NDF works towards creating a more inclusive and equitable society. The construction of durable shelters is remarkable & its good sign to see the joint collaboration of both organizations.

Mr. Lal Chand said that Iltizam Relief Society, Malaysia, is a non-profit organization committed to humanitarian aid and sustainable development initiatives globally. Through partnerships and collaborative efforts, Iltizam Relief Society strives to make a positive impact on communities facing adversity.

This is impactful action by iltizam relief Society, Malaysia. The closing ceremony featured speeches from project stakeholders, a ribbon-cutting ceremony held to mark the official opening of the shelters, and an opportunity to tour the newly constructed facilities. It served as a moment to reflect on the impact of the project and to acknowledge the contributions of all those involved.

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