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Advancing the Leadership of Women and Girls Towards Better Health and Climate Change Resilience – SOORMI Funded By: Pathfinder International

The climate change is increasingly leaving negative effects on the overall environment of Sindh province of Pakistan. The resources are getting exploited and the climate change snatching sources of livelihood and even directly affecting the living conditions of people especially in deserted areas and non-deserted areas are also getting hotter and disturbing the eco system in the province by changing the patterns of monsoons which actually cause a famine and shortage of resources as food, water and livelihood for the local people in Sindh. Sindh province is actually on environmental degradation attack at all sides as from Coastal side, desert side and the agricultural land side even because lack of awareness among people on climate change effects making the ignorant and they exploiting the environment in routine basis. In any kind of emergency situation, unfortunately, women and children suffer most because of their social status in the traditional, religious and patriarchal society of the country and especially Sindhi society which is on the path to strengthen the patriarchal norms and values rather than its original trends which were most peaceful, inclusive and women friendly. The poverty and lack of opportunities has pushed women back into houses of dependency and vulnerable status whiting their families. Gender imbalance is increasing and sufferings of young girls and women doubling due to their zero access to basic health care services. The Government hospitals are unable to provide relief to the people living in rural and remote areas of the District Sanghar Sindh because of poor governance and there is always shortage of facilities, equipment and human resource in the Govt run health institutions. The health infrastructure is almost unable to give relief to the people living in the District because of worst governance systems and corruption with no accountability.


Empowering women girls by improving their SRHR, family planning and basic health care services.




House No. A-114, Housing socity Nawabshah,District Shaheed Benazir Abad


Empowerment of people with/without disabilities through tenhancing the life standard in qualitative and quantitative terms

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