Political Participation of Persons with Disabilities links solutions to social issues. Abid Lashari

Persons with Disabilities became part of decision-making at the local level which is their biggest achievement. Fareeha Fatima.
Nawabshah: A Dialogue on issues and solutions of persons with disabilities organized under Alumni Small Grants Project funded by Pakistan US Alumni Network. The Project Coordinator Mr. Abid Lashari, Ms. Fareeha Fatima Manager Alumni Affairs, U.S Consulate Karachi, Mr. Rafiq Ahmed Buller Zonal Manager NADRA, Mr. Tariq Hussain Channar NDF, Political Activist Ms. Qamar Dhamrah, Ms. Shahnaz Lako, Ms. Asma Munir, Ms. Saira Lashari, Mr. Akram Khaskheli, Mr. Manthar Magsi and others said that the appointment of councilors through reserved seats for the disabled in the local government is formal participation in the decision-making process.

Hundreds of disabled people have become part of practical local politics. The Disability Rights Act 2018 supports political participation. Allocating councilor seats of the persons with disabilities in the Local Government is because of local Government Amendment Bill 2021, which was a major break-throw, in which the persons with disabilities became a formal part of decision-making at the local level. Earlier, Persons with disabilities were excluded from politics, deprived of the right to participate in politics. Due to the severe lack of information and awareness Youth with disabilities were also prevented from exercising their right to political participation.

Due to the increase in awareness through the activities of the project, the persons with disabilities were able to get the seats allotted by the political parties. Political parties should also encourage the disabled in their political participation and actions to ensure their political participation by creating a disability wings in the party. On this occasion, light was also shed on various problems and possible solutions of disabled youth. Social and political acceptance of the disabled, employment and education opportunities were mentioned.

The speakers assured that identifying the problems is a good practice. Urgent measures will be taken for immediate resolution of notable issues.

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