Social Activist Ms. Saira Abid Lashari has submitted her provincial nomination form for the reserved seat for women

Nawabshah: Social activist Ms. Saira Abid Lashari, wife of renowned disabled leader Abid Lashari, has submitted her nomination form for the provincial reserved seat for women. Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Saira Lashari said that the political parties should distribute allocated 33% of the reserved seats for women at the division level on the basis of equality without distinction between urban and rural areas, so that grassroots women activists get a chance to be a part of the parliamentary system.

She expressed hope from PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and said that Pakistan People’s Party will definitely provide an opportunity to women engaged in local social and political processes to become a part of the parliamentary system.

Ms. Saira Lashari further said that the purpose of coming into politics with her is to represent the backward and vulnerable class, especially the persons with disabilities and the transgender, to support their participation in the political and electoral process, and to ensure the practical participation of women in politics and decision-making process in the parliament, she added.



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