The National Disability and Development Forum (NDF) is a non-profit NGO for the rights of persons with disabilities based in District Shaheed Benazir Abad. The NDF is registered under the Societies Act 1860. Besides many other short and long term initiatives, the NDF has established “NDF REHAB CENTER” through one year granted project by Community Development Program (CDP) Planning & Development Department, Government of Sindh, with Rs. 24.000 Million funds from Jan 2018 – 31st Dec 2018. After the end of the project, since January 2019, the NDF is running the Centre through individual philanthropy that includes, Rs. 05.00 million Grant from DEPD Sindh Government, Rs. 02.00 Million Grant by HBL Foundation, Engro Foundation PKR-0.5 million, PKR-0.1 million from Sukkur Beverages (PEPSI), some local philanthropy, Zakat & others to run the daily business of the facility.
The NDF Rehab Center caters needs of 100 children with intellectual disabilities (aged 04-17 years) with engaging in services of life therapies, i.e. Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Psychotherapy, Occupational Therapy, independent living, life-long learning (Basic Non-formal education). Of the total, 30% are provided with boarding and 70% Day Care services at the Centre. The Centre engages in indoor/outdoor games and & fun activities. The listed therapies are applied over a long time to bring improvement among children, without sustaining and retaining these therapies, it is impossible to help such needy children. The NDF Rehab Center has no regular proper funding to sustain the services for the long run to meet recurring cost Rs. 25.00 million annually. NDF makes a humble request to Government Organizations, INGOs, Companies, Corporate sector, Foundations, Trusts, & individual Philanthropists, for contributing possible amount as donation/fund under the Zakat, CSR & Sustainability initiatives to support the on-going services for the children belonging to remote rural areas of Pakistan.


Behavioral modification, Aggression Reduction, Activity of Daily Living (ADL) improvements.

Occupational Therapy

Motor skills (Dressing, Eating, Hygiene Maintaining [toileting], Gripping, Buttoning), Gross motor skills (Improving walking, Neck Holding, Stepping, Stair climbing)


Strengthening/stretching muscles, improving range of motions of all joints/balance/sensation/ flexibility & posturing.

Speech Therapy

Treatment of speech and communication disorders, enabling to talking)

Non-Formal Education (Life-long Learning)

Non Formal Schooling to get basics of learning through life-long learning process.

Leisure Time (Sports, Music & other entertainments)

Sports spirits engagement to live active, Music engagement & other related entertainments.

Boarding facility

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Our Donors in NDF Rehab Center