Disabled Social Activist Mr. Abid Lashari was given welcome reception by Pakistani community in London

Intellectual disability needs attention in Sindh. Abid Lashari
Children with intellectual disabilities should attend the nearest NDF rehabilitation center to be enabled to live a normal life.

London: The President NDF Pakistan Mr. Abid Lashari was warmly welcomed during the reception by Pakistani comminity during his visit to London. On this occasion Mr. Abid Lashari thanked the host Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Zaor and said that Pakistani community keep the same love and respect wherever they are.

Talking about his services, he said that NDF is running 03 rehabilitation centers for children with intellectual disabilities in Sindh in District Nawabshah, Larkana and Karachi with the financial support of the Government of Sindh, where more than 300 children are under rehabilitation services. He further informed that intellectual disabilities such as Down syndrome, Autism, CP, ADHD and other related intellectual disabilities are rehabilitated through various life therapies such as physiotherapy, psychotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy.

The rehabilitation of intellectual disabilities is a big challenge and needs attention in the whole of Pakistan including Sindh, the seriousness and interest of the Government of Sindh is commendable, due to the presence of facilities through NDF rehabilitation centers in the rural districts of Nawabshah and Larkana, is God gifted. Fortunately, where children with intellectual disabilities are admitted, the children can be involved in the rehabilitation process.

On this occasion, well-known barristers Mr. Shahid Soomro, Mr. Ijaz Abarejo, Mr. Shoaib Memon, Mr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Mr. Jhangir Khan, Mr. Ameeruddin Abro, Mr. Waseem Baloch, Mr. Bilal Aslam, Mr. Javed Qureshi, Mr. Mahroz Chang, Mr. Yasir Palijo, Mr. Faris Zulfiqar, Mr. Arsalan Asghar, Mr. Daniyal Palijo, Mr. Hasnain Zaor and others admired the services rendered by NDF in Sindh and Pakistan.

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